Nick Diaz Wants Return Fight Against Michael Bisping… “The Count” Accepts

“Another possible opponent that hasn’t been spoken about, and I was with him a couple of nights ago in New York. I bumped into him and we got to talking… Nick Diaz. He’s like, ‘Man, we should fight. We should fight.’ I’m like, ‘Yeah I’m down to fight you. No problem.’ And then he says, ‘But we have to do it at 178.’ I’m like, ‘What do you mean, 178?’ He said, ‘We do a catchweight at 178.’”

Michael Bisping has a giant target on his back now that he has the UFC Middleweight Championship strapped around his waist. Everybody from Luke Rockhold to Georges St-Pierre have thrown their name in the mix to be Bisping’s first challenge in defending his championship, but yet another name has been added to that list.

Bisping revealed on “The Countdown” that he recently ran into currently suspended Nick Diaz who said they should throw down. However, there’s a catch: Diaz wants the fight to go down at the catchweight of 178!