Nobody in WWE likes Baron Corbin

Last year, I wrote what was meant to be a tongue-in-cheek post called “Nobody in NXT likes Baron Corbin”. It highlighted a back and forth Twitter exchange between The Lone Wolf and Finn Bálor when Finn claimed he thought Corbin was “okay” despite what others on the NXT roster thought of him.

It got me blocked by Mr. Money in the Bank, who’s apparently either living the gimmick or really grumpy all the time in real life.

Anyway, I bring that all up to explain the title of this post, which features cantankerous social media convos between Corbin, Mojo Rawley and his old pal Finn.

The two SmackDown Superstars could be setting up a future program, or maybe their tense interactions on Breaking Ground were legit:

A DJ and a Wrestler walk over a bridge into Canada…let's see how this story ends. @3LAU

I'd throw myself in if it meant I never had to listen to you on a microphone ever again. 
When it comes to Corbin and Bálor, there seems to be a little more animus in these tweets than the ones from last 

Of course, even if Finn and Mojo don’t, there are definitely some people in WWE who like Baron Corbin. But seeing as he can’t block me twice, I couldn’t pass that headline up.

Now let’s focus our attention on a potential Corbin/Rawley feud, or a Lone Wolf vs. Demon program, post-whenever-the-next-Superstar Shake-up happens.



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