Paige claims Alberto Del Rio saved a teenager’s life

Former WWE Divas champion Paige has revealed on her official social media handle that Alberto El Patron aka ex-WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio saved a youngster’s life.Paige hasn’t explained what exactly transpired but simply stated that the 18-year-old wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for Alberto Del Rio.In case you didn’t know…

Paige (Saraya-Jade Bevis) is presently in a relationship with Alberto El Patron (Jose Rodriguez) with the couple going public of their relationship last year.

Alberto and WWE parted ways last year, following which the former WWE champion has gone on multiple rants against his former employer, which in turn has led to widespread criticism directed towards him from a vast majority of the professional wrestling community.

The heart of the matterPaige took to social media and insinuated that the couple were a part of the “scariest experience ever” but the valiant Alberto Del Rio aka El Patron saved the day, and with it the young boy’s life. Here’s what Paige tweeted:

Ppl always see the "negative" things on the internet & ignore the positive. You don't realize how amazing he truly is. He saved a life..

In lieu of the heavy criticism that Del Rio has been facing as of late, Paige emphasised that people always see the negative things on the internet whilst ignoring the positive. She added that Alberto’s critics don’t see “how amazing he truly is”.

What’s next?

Paige and Alberto Del Rio recently found themselves in yet another sticky situation, that’s been followed by what the 24-year old has referred to as an incredibly scary experience.Paige is still under contract with WWE but is yet to return to the ring after temporarily stepping away from competition due to a neck injury last year. Meanwhile, her partner now performs for Impact Wrestling where he is the GFW Global champion.