Paulie Malignaggi responds to Conor McGregor’s challenge to fight inside octagon

Paulie Malignaggi has rejected Conor McGregor’s invitation to fight the two-weight champion in the octagon.

Malignaggi, the former American pro boxer, has instead challenged McGregor for a fight in a boxing ring.

The ‘Notorious’ lost in his first professional boxing fight against Floyd Mayweather in August. He was stopped in the 10th round by Mayweather, who extended his unbeaten record to 50-0.

Malignaggi told ES News: “You talked **** about how you handled it in the cage. Now, not only are you not releasing the video, but now you want to not box either?”

Malignaggi, who won 36 of 44 fights in two weight divisions, claimed that if McGregor “handled” him in the infamous sparring sessions, then he should prove it under boxing rules.

The American boxer turned commentator said that McGregor doesn’t want the fight, but tells the Irishman that he has to be “a man and prove yourself.”

He insists McGregor must show what “kind of balls” he has by fighting him in the ring.

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“It’s easy to talk all that **** now. Since it was so easy, you’ve got to box and prove it,” Malignaggi spoke of his sparring sessions with McGregor.

The McGregor camp claims that ‘Notorious’ was the stronger competitor between the two over the 12-round sparring session.

Malignaggi has refused to fight McGregor in the octagon, stating that he wants the two-weight UFC champion to prove that he beat him in the sparring session by fighting him in a boxing ring.

The boxer added: “We’re not going in a cage because that’s not where you 'handled me'.