Pay Up! The UFC Will No Longer Give Fighters Free Tickets To Events


It seems more and more fighters are voicing their grievances with the UFC every day. Most recently former UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum and longtime UFC vet Cole Miller both expressed how unhappy they currently are with the promotion, and you can now add Joanne Calderwood to the list.

Calderwood was looking to get a few tickets to UFC 206 on December 10th in Toronto, which seems like a simple enough request. However, when she inquired about the tickets she was told she had to pay for them or get approval from UFC boss Dana White.

“Jojo” took to her Facebook to explain what went down and posted the UFC’s response to her request as well.

“I don’t ask for much and I know this is a very selfish sport when it comes down to giving your time and attention esp if you are serious about being a high level professional fighter…as a fighter I know we don’t get a lot back and it’s never an easy road, we sacrifice a lot and most of the time we are broke. I’m eating into my savings just to pay for myself to get better as a fighter so I can win and put on better fights. Right now I’m recovering from a minor concussion and to know it could put my next pay day back further is scary, not to mention I don’t even know when my next fight is going to get offered to me. I’m lucky for the support around me cause Ive been really down the past week with having to take time out of training and it’s tough not knowing what’s around the corner. But anyway I’ve been really looking forward to making the trip to Toronto next week to support some of the guys from Tristar, after emailing the UFC to request tickets, I’m still a little shocked after receiving this….to say I’m upset is an understatement”