Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt is no longer for the WWE Title

What’s the story?Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt are set to have their Wrestlemania 33 rematch at Payback. The stipulation that has been added to the match is a brand new one and is apparently called a “House of Horrors” match.

However, according to the WWE.com, the match might have a little twist to it. In case you didn’t know…Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt have been feuding over the WWE Title post-Elimination Chamber. The feud has been all kinds of crazy and some might say it has been innovative as well.Bray Wyatt announced that the match would have a brand new stipulation and that it would be called a “House of Horrors” match. Orton then accepted the challenge, and the feud has been brewing on both brands.

The Heart of the matterWWE.com recently released an article in which there’s no mention of the title being defended in the match.

 Furthermore, it emphasises that both Orton and Wyatt are on different brands now, indicating that the title will be staying on the Blue Brand after all.Also read: What does a WWE House of Horrors match mean? It should be noted that once their match at Payback is over, Wyatt is scheduled to feud with Finn Balor, as teased two weeks ago on RAW and Orton might enter a feud with the new number one contender for the WWE Title, Jinder Mahal. Therefore, the match can very well be just a mean to promote the brand new stipulation, "House of Horrors"

.What’s next?

It seems that the WWE Title will now be defended on the Smackdown LIVE exclusive pay-per-view Backlash. The match will see Randy Orton go against Jinder Mahal. Bray Wyatt will start his next feud with the returning Demon King, Finn Balor. Hence, it is to be concluded that this is the final chapter in the long rivalry between Orton and Wyatt, for now.Author's take The decision to make the House of Horrors a non-title match is a bittersweet decision. 

Bitter because we won't see Bray hold the most prestigious possession in Sports Entertainment once again and sweet because it lessens the complications that have arisen post the Superstar Shake up event. The House of Horrors match is being promoted very well, and it could become a recurring stipulation if it delivers well.