Randy Orton will come to the UFC if he can fight “Conor McDonald”

We’d love to see this McDonald fella in action…
CM Punk made his UFC bow last weekend which didn’t exactly go according to plan. Or at all according to plan really.

The question is if any other WWE stars are going to follow the trail blazed originally by Brock Lesnar and quenched somewhat by the limp debut of CM Punk?

Punk earned a cool $500,000 for his first round loss to young Mickey Gall, which didn’t go down well with much of the UFC roster. Especially as it was over 16 times more than what Gall earned for his win over him.

On Twitter yesterday, Orton was asked it he would ever try his hand at MMA and the UFC to which he responded.


The idea of only getting paid on a fight by fight basis doesn’t appeal to Orton who earns about $2.7 million a year in the WWE. Although, Brock Lesnar did manage to get paid similar figure for his one-off UFC return at UFC 200.

But there’s one scenario that appeals to Orton should he wish to make the code hop.

We’re sure Conor McGregor McDonald would be open to a fight with the WWE star, assuming the appropriate amount of capital is on the table for the match up.