Rey Mysterio Reacts to CM Punk’s Decision to Leave WWE for The UFC and more

Rey Mysterio recently has given the interview, here are the highlights…

On CM Punk’s Decision to Leave WWE: “From what happened with his deal, I overheard it. I respect his opinion and what he wanted to do and why he wanted to do it. If it’s because he was disrespected and wasn’t given an answer… and he left because of that, as a man, you have to respect that,” Mysterio said. “You can’t be lied to or try to protect certain ideas or projects against you. You deserve to know the truth.”

On CM Punk Fighting in The UFC: I can’t wait to see him out there. I’m waiting to see when he performs, because I want to be there. I don’t want to just support from the house, I want to be there and show support and see him kick ass in the Octagon.”

CM Punk also wrote the following on Twitter about Josh Barnett vs Ben Rothwell at UFC Fight Night on January 30: