Ric Flair picks up gruesome hand injury

Ric Flair's days of wrestling for the WWE may be over, but that doesn't mean he still can't pick up a rather nasty-looking injury.

While the WWE currently has nothing for him, The Nature Boy has been involved in an incident that was so severe, it required him to receive medical attention on his hand.  

The cause of his injury is unclear but, as you can see from the photos further down in this article, his injuries are quite nasty. It's definitely not for the squeamish, so you have been warned.
The 68-year-old did say that he injured his hand while fighting with a Golden State Warriors fan – as he is a known Cleveland Cavaliers fan – in his Instagram post showing off his hand wrapped up.

Flair said: "One Warrior Fan down! Left hand still good…Be in the Land on Wednesday! Rihanna, Move over and Let the Naitch show you how it is done! No Pain No Gain! Lets do it Cavs…..WOOOOO! @cavs"

Being 2-0 down in the NBA Finals series, the Cavaliers probably wouldn't mind the 16-time world champion showing up for Game 3 this Wednesday to put Warriors stars Steph Curry and Kevin Durant in the figure-four leg lock.

Flair also posted out a video for the track and field team of the Georgia Bulldogs, encouraging them and giving them a PEP talk ahead of their next event. You can see his hand wrapped up in this video as well.