Roman Reigns Comments On A Potential Heel Turn

As most fans are awaiting the heel-turn of Roman Reigns come WrestleMania, the WWE Superstar was a guest on ESPN’s Cheap Heat podcast and during the interview, Reigns was asked about his feelings on a potential heel turn.

“You know when you win and your whipping a lot of a**, you’re not that angry. I have been successful. Whatever we have been doing, it seems to be working. 

It seems to continue to have loud reactions. Nobody has been to more wrestling shows than me and the other guys on the roster. We are at every show, I watch every show and I understand reactions. You can be as informed within the wrestling community and the internet as you want. There is one thing I know and it is listening to what kind of reactions are happening.”

“When I am out there, there is all kind of noise, there are all kind of chants. It’s pandemonium. I like a mixed reaction, I like people competing, as far as whose reaction is going to be louder: the boos or the cheers. I just want to bring out the most in our the fans and give them an opportunity to rage.”

Reigns is set to clash with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33 and already being one of the more disliked superstars in the company as a baby-face, a heel turn will possibly provide Reigns with new life.