Ronda Rousey didn’t know how to climb the turnbuckles to celebrate a win

We can debate how Ronda Rousey looked in her WWE Live event debut on May 15 in Geneva. And no doubt we will – we’re wrestling fans!

But things went pretty smoothly for her second-ever match, even Rousey climbing onto the turnbuckles to celebrate getting Mickie James to tap out. Turns out, it’s pretty amazing that went well, since Ronda’d never done it before and had to be told by Natalya not only to get up there, but how to do it!

You spend so much time training for wrestling moves, practicing promos, doing press – who has time to map out the logisitics of your post-match routine? Ember Moon has the best advice, telling Rowdy that once your up there, you do “stuff”.

Better get used to it, Rousey. The Raw Women’s Champ is gonna have to do that from time to time…