Ronda Rousey Engaged? Check Out Her HUGE Diamond Ring


NBC and Saturday Night Live might have just spilled a whole big bag of beans when it comes to Ronda Rousey’s love life. The former UFC women’s bantamweight champ is going to guest host the next episode alongside pop singer Selena Gomez this Saturday, and NBC has been plugging that up and down on social media.

Included in that push? A picture of Rousey next to Gomez…wearing a HUGE diamond ring on her left hand. Want an up-close look of the bling bling? We’ve got you covered:


As you likely noticed…that ring is freakin’ huge! Just look at the size of those stones!


That’s definitely a fun little note, but there may be trouble on the horizon in Rousey’s love life!

For those who don’t pay close attention to the mass media, Rousey’s boyfriend for a while now has been UFC fighter Travis Browne. Rousey has been spotted in public alongside him plenty over recent months, both in and out of UFC events.


The issue? Travis Browne is still married to his estranged wife! Not only that, but she accuses Browne of being physically abusive in the past:


While Rousey stuck by Browne through an inconclusive investigation into those allegations by the UFC…I’m pretty sure that bigamy is still illegal here in the United States, regardless of what Dana White says.