Ronda Rousey Has Moved On & So Should You

She’s different, and don’t care who knows it. Something about her…not the same. She’s different, and that’s how it goes. And she’s not gonna play your gosh darn game.

What we have been witnessing for the past couple of years is a cold war between Ronda Rousey and the MMA media. Ronda Rousey has been branded a poor sport, ungrateful, and immature for not speaking about her losses to Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes. All the while, Rousey did not return fire. She did not want to partake in any war of words, but rather she elected for peace. The MMA media would have none of it and continued to fire bullets at Rousey’s door in the hopes of driving her out of her house to face them at once.

It’s hard to gauge if Rousey has suffered any damage from the bullets. On one hand, there does seem to be a public conception that Ronda Rousey can’t handle losing and is a poor sport because of her MMA media blackout, but whether that has lost her many fans seems doubtful. Also, it is much more common to see negativity and dogpiling of a celebrity figure than fans coming to the defense of a celebrity on the wrong side of a media narrative. That’s part of being a celebrity. It comes with the territory. But how the celebrity chooses to cope with this criticism and excessive attention, however, is entirely up to that celebrity. Just as the journalist delivers a product to the audience to be bought, so, too, does the celebrity. But in the case of the celebrity, they are the product. The celebrity is the brand. How accessible the celebrity makes themselves outside of delivering their public performances is a privilege for those who would like to hear or see more from the figure; it is not a right the public is automatically entitled to.

She’s gotta different kind of walk.