Ronda Rousey must not retire and this is why she lost to Amanda Nunes, claims former champ

Jones won the interim UFC Light Heavyweight Championship title at UFC 197 in April but was later stripped for failing a drugs test.

The 29-year-old is banned from competition until July 7 but is determined to return.

And Jones is hopeful that Ronda Rousey, who is considering her future in the sport, will also be back on a UFC card soon

“I think it’d be great to see her come back,” Jones told US outlet TMZ.


“I think it would be important for her legacy – it would show people her courage and her strength and her resilience.” Rousey became a professional mixed martial artist in 2011 and won her first 12 bouts, with only one lasting beyond the first round. But she lost her unbeaten record when she was knocked out by Holly Holm in November 2015

“I think Holly kind of laid out a blueprint of how to beat Ronda, and it works,” Jones added.

“One thing about martial arts is none of us are invincible.

“The lesson you learn in Ronda’s situation is to always evolve.”

Nunes claimed to have ushered in a new era of women’s MMA when she beat Rousey on her return to action.

The fight lasted just 48 seconds as the Brazilian’s overwhelming punching power proved too much for her American opponent.

Critics now claim that Rousey’s lack of true ability has been shown up and that she is an overrated athlete.

“I think the sport is kind of catching up with her talent level and people are realising she’s not as good a striker as she is a ground specialist,” Jones said.


“I think she needs to stick to fighting. Ronda Rousey's second consecutive loss has left her considering retirement from the sport
“I believe she still beats 90 per cent of the division.

“Maybe she’s not going to be the invincible, unbeaten person people thought she was.

“But whether she fights again or not, she’s still going to go down as an absolute legend.

“I do believe she could regain the belt and beat any of the other girls [in the division] at any given time.”