Ronda Rousey’s backstage attitude is reportedly ‘100% tremendous’

The reaction of WWE’s women’s roster to Ronda Rousey getting a title shot in her first pay-per-view (PPV) singles match was markedly different to the response when Rousey’s debut appearance interrupted the set-up of a WrestleMania’s Championship match.

Maybe that wasn’t only a case of the company’s public relations team getting the “be positive” message out? Maybe the locker room has grown to like and respect the former UFC Champ?

If Dave Meltzer’s sources are correct, it’s very likely the latter, as he said on a recent Wrestling Observer Radio that the lifelong wrestling fan has fit right in backstage:

“I know this from several different people there. Attitude wise, 100% tremendous. No negativity there. She’s happy she loves doing this. She’s a hard worker. She has absolutely no stuck up star issue in this whatsoever. There’s no ego thing there, in fact it’s the opposite everyone’s talked about how refreshing it is that she is so humble for as big a star that she is.

So she doesn’t come in with the attitude a lot of guys that came in from football and all this came in and walked around like they were real $#!+ or what some people will do.”

Of course, that’s the kind of message you’d expect WWE to want to get out via places like The Observer to fans who might be looking to turn on Rousey for not “respecting the business” or some other perceived slight.

But there’s no evidence to doubt it. After some initial grumbling, the roster’s been nothing but positive in public. And while pushing Ronda to the top as quickly as possible makes good business sense, her attitude was likely a factor considered by Vince McMahon and his team before they gave final approval for her match at Money in the Bank.

It would also be something that would help them feel okay with giving her a Championship so early in her career.