Ronda Rousey’s Coach Is a Terrorist Sympathizer?

Tim Kennedy is ranked #6 in the UFC’s middleweight division and he’s also a member of the Special Forces and one of the few fighters who remain in active duty while simultaneously fighting in the UFC. He’s a veteran of the War in Afghanistan and the Iraq War, and he’s also not a big fan of Ronda Rousey’s head coach…



Edmond Tarverdyan has been catching even more heat than Ronda after her devastating upset loss to Holly Holm.

“I hate that guy. I think he’s a jerk. I also think he’s a terrorist sympathizer,” said Kennedy.


Tim believes that if Ronda wants another shot at greatness, she needs to ditch her coach and train somewhere better, but he’s hesitant to even call the guy a coach.

Want to know specifically why Tim hates him so much?

“There was coaching and then there was whatever happened with Ronda,” Kennedy said in an interview on the Fight Night radio program. “I don’t want to diminish that word and call it coaching because that’s not what happened in Ronda’s corner.”

The outspoken Kennedy is never one to bite his tongue, and the verbal onslaught continued:

“Ronda had the brakes beaten off her for four and a half minutes,” said Kennedy. “Her face is bloody, her nose and lip are bleeding and then you have her coach saying, ‘Hey, do the same thing?’ Not even like, ‘Stick to the game plan. Change levels. Cut an angle and shoot a double leg. Push her up against the fence.’ Anything! ‘Keep getting punched more.’”

The criticism cuts like a knife.

Tim says Ronda’s had a more dominant run than Anderson Silva…

“I think she’s amazing,” Kennedy said of Rousey. “I think her skills are spectacular. I think she is an Olympian. I think her jiu jitsu is sick. I think she’s done things in the Octagon that no one else has ever done. Going through No. 1 contenders the way she did has never been done. Anderson Silva would be a close second to her in the showcase of skill sets you can pack into 30 seconds.”

But Tim would still pick Holly Holm in the rematch, and says nobody has a shot at that belt until Holm decides to walk away from the sport.