Ronda Rousey’s Latest Photo Shoot Reveals Massive Change

The time off from fighting will hopefully help Ronda Rousey get mentally well again, but it looks like there are setbacks too…
Former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey continues to be one of the most keenly followed personalities in mixed martial arts today. A mix of high end performances during her reign as 135-pound queen, some serious hype jobbing by the UFC and the subsequent backfire at UFC 193 has made ‘Rowdy’ one of the most recognizable faces in all modern combat sports, for better or worse.


After getting knocked out in a brutal November 2015 fight with Holly Holm and losing her belt, the former champ went in to hiding and suffered what she’s since described as the darkest period in her sports career. Losses will always be tough to take, but it seems the multiple factors contributing to this case are somewhat unique. Rousey appeared to be sold on her own hype, and as a result suffered serious criticism in the moments after the loss to Holm. The internet can be a very cruel tool when left in the hands of people with a grudge.


Coming out of hiding in the recent months, Ronda Rousey hit another photoshoot with Sports Illustrated, this time sporting a painted on bikini in quite the contrast from her mood leading up to this year. A bubbly and happy looking ‘Rowdy’ went on to co-host Saturday Night Live, where she was all singing and dancing. But it appeared the dark times were far from over for the formerly dominant champion.


Ronda Rousey would reveal to the world that she had thought about suicide in the aftermath of her firs MMA loss, but once again the MMA fans had little sympathy. In fact, it was quite the opposite, and brought back memories of the brutal meme bashing that the ex-champ had suffered when knocked out by ‘The Preacher’s Daughter.’

This is no photoshop before you declare BS, as it comes from the recent photo shoot for the newest UFC video game. With her acting career gaining momentum, is the clearly altered physique of Ronda Rousey an indicator that she’s done with fighting?