Ruenroeng-Casimero Rematch Negotiations in Play

Former BF light flyweight champion Johnreil Casimero, who lost in his bid to win the IBF flyweight title against Thai champion Amnat Ruenroeng in an ugly, foul-marred fight at the Hua Mark Indoor Stadium in Bangkok last June 27, gets a chance to avenge that defeat in a mandatory title defense by the IBF champion.

Promoter Sammy Gello-ani who handles Casimero in partnership with internationally known promoter Sampson Lewkowicz told the New Standard/ that “negotiations on the fight date will begin next week” and stated “I don’t mind if the fight is in Thailand but Johnreil will have to train well.”

Upset over the performance of referee Doggett who tolerated Ruenroeng’s patently foul tactics including numerous headlocks resorted to by Ruenroeng, Sammy Gello-ani formally wrote to IBF president Darryl Peoples and Championship Committee chairman Lindsey Tucker protesting the failure of referee Larry Doggett to stop the persistent foul tactics of the Thai champion which emboldened him to continue

Gello-ani protested the fact that American referee Doggett did nothing to stop the champion from repeatedly sending Casimero to the canvas in takedowns, constantly holding and grabbing for long spells and catching him in a headlock and around the throat several times.

He also pointed out that Doggett failed to call a clear knockdown in round three when Casimero caught Ruenroeng with a perfectly-timed left hook with the groggy champion allowed time to fix his loose laces that helped him recover while Doggett ruled a knockdown in the previous round when Amnat connected with a less cleaner punch and dropped an off-balance Casimero.

The two-time Southeast Asian Games gold medalist had previously defeated seven Filipinos including Oriental and Pacific Boxing Federation champion Rocky Fuentes who was also a victim of the same grabbing, holding and takedown tactics in a losing effort.

Gello-ani told the New Standard/ “we will be very careful about the officials assigned to the fight” and would object to some assignments” if they prejudiced Casimero.

Casimero who returned home from Las Vegas for the Christmas and New Year holidays has been doing some light training and will step up his preparation after the New Year and indicated Casimero needs to be ready because the champion’s camp may suddenly announce a late January or early February date for the title defense of Ruenroeng.