Shawn Michaels On Having Good Timing With Your Opponent, Evolving As A Character, Mick Foley – More



WWE legend, Shawn Michaels was the most recent guest on E&C’s Podcast Of Awesomeness alongside Hardcore legend, Mick Foley. During the show, the various parties discussed what it means to be on the same page as the guy you’re working with, Michaels & Foley discussed their table spot from “In Your House: Mind Games” & more.

Here are the highlights: (transcripts by WrestlingINC)

Michaels On Being On The Same Page As Your Opponent:

“For me, the most important thing about being in the ring with a guy is getting his timing or knowing if his timing is the same as yours. Do you know what I mean? And sometimes, if it isn’t, you’ve got to find that and adjust to that and work around that. All of that stuff in the ring in a match for the first time, to find that with somebody the very first time when you get in there, you know, the sooner you can cross that off your list or do that first whatever, then you go, ‘okay’ and to know that, because that’s one issue you no longer have to worry about. You know he’s going to be there, you know he’s going to do this, you know you’re going to turn, your timing, and all of that. You’re going to be there. The next thing is going to be going on and that can’t be overstated because if it isn’t, it stands out.”

HBK On The Development Of His Character:

“Coming off of the ‘boyhood dream’ and the sort of sterilization that they did with me and again, nobody’s fault, but it wasn’t the rough attitude guy that sort of got me there and this was a huge kick in the pants for the HBK character at that time with that kind of gritty, tough type of match.”

Mick Foley On The Table Bump From Him & Shawn’s Match:



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