St-Pierre says “you never know” to potential McGregor bout

He doesn’t even return to octagon until the 4th November, but there are already rumours swirling around Georges St-Pierre concerning his next fight after his comeback bout against defending middleweight champion Michael Bisping at UFC 217.

The Bisping versus GSP fight is going to be huge, the underdog but proven champion accepting the challenge of a man who hasn’t fought for four years but already holds legendary status in the sport of mixed martial arts to many. St-Pierre’s return has been long awaited, and Bisping’s title win was unexpected and emphatic, making for a great level of intrigue in the UFC 217 main event.

However, the former welterweight champion who last fought in 2013 is expected to win the fight and then move on to the next task. Right now, you’ll be able to get Georges St-Pierre at around 3/4, and given his incredible skill set across so many different disciplines, you’d have to think that he’d make for good use of a free bet on his best odds via Oddschecker.

An all-around athlete, GSP is very high ranking in many forms of karate and jiu-jitsu, as well as being very skilled in boxing, wrestling, Muay Thai, and gymnastics. Michael Bisping’s stand-up, driven game isn’t expected to be a problem for the ridiculously versatile Canadian, but then again, he wasn’t expected to defeat Luke Rockhold to take the belt at UFC 199.

St-Pierre has also recently returned fire – in his signature cool and collected manner – on Bisping’s brash comments about him, calling GSP at “bitch”, explaining that “[Michael Bisping] is a very angry person deep down inside, and angry fighters make a lot of mistakes.”

If Georges St-Pierre does defeat Bisping, as he’s expected to, a whole world of opportunities will re-open to him in the fighting world. If the 36-year-old can still cut weight as effectively as he used to, fights down to as low as 155lbs could be within range of the Quebec-native. However, the one fight that would be incredibly lucrative to the UFC, bring in a massive number of fight fans, and could ultimately be one of the best matchups the UFC has ever staged, would be Conor McGregor vs Georges St-Pierre.

One of the biggest stars of all-time taking on likely the biggest star in the mixed martial arts world right now would get fight fans salivating at the thought. In the running to UFC 217, St-Pierre was asked if he has been eyeing up a fight with McGregor but, as he so often is, GSP was very conservative on the matter, simply stating that what McGregor has done is impressive, that he’s focusing on the Bisping, but also that “you never know in MMA.”

The UFC, as a promotion, is well-known for bringing its fans what they want; so if this GSP versus McGregor flicker catches alight and more people get talking about it, there’s a decent chance that it’ll come to fruition. It probably wouldn’t be McGregor’s next fight or even either fighter’s first fight of 2018, but if St-Pierre defeats Bisping and the story picks up speed, it could be one of the greatest fights of all-time.