Stephanie McMahon Talks Shane McMahon’s WWE Return, the Evolution of the Divas Division, Her Daughter’s Watching HHH Wrestle


Stephanie McMahon appeared on ESPN’s SportsCenter this morning to promote WrestleMania 32, and below are some interview highlights courtesy of

On her role in WWE:

“Oh, goodness. Okay, so I am chief brand officer for WWE, so I am an executive. I am also a television personality on our programming and I play a villain. Our husband and I are known as The Authority, and we are the principal owners of the show, abusing our powers left and right in the storyline. And, of course, my husband is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion right now, and he will be wrestling Roman Reigns in front of what will hopefully be a record breaking crowd for WWE at WrestleMania in AT&T Stadium.”

On what her daughters think of her and Triple H performing:

“They know it’s stories and they have fun with it. They are nine, seven, and five. My oldest wants to be a Diva. She wrote a book, she wants to be a diva.”

On whether or not she will let her daughter enter the business:

“She’s going to have to earn it. We want our children to do whatever they want to do in life, whatever fulfills them and makes them happy, as long as they know to work hard for it.”

On coming up in a male dominated business:

“I think where were a lot of challenges being in a male dominated industry, but also just being the boss’s daughter. You constantly have to prove yourself, and I don’t mind that at all because I don’t want anything handed to me, I want to work hard for everything and I want to earn that respect, so I try to do that every single day.”

On how the Divas division has evolved:

“Our audience started a hashtag called #givedivasachance and it trended worldwide for three days on Twitter, because our fans want to see our female athletes positioned the same as the man. They want to see them in incredible storylines, they want to see the character development, they want to see the incredible action that they are so capable of… So we started the Divas Revolution. It was a movement that was in sports anyway… Women’s sports in general is on the rise and it was time for WWE to get onboard.”

On Shane McMahon returning to WWE:

“It’s been awesome. Shane is an incredible performer, but just having him back around in general as my big brother. My brother raised me in a lot of ways, for better or worse, when my parents were trying to build the business. So to have him back is just so much fun.”