Streetfighter Shows Serious Respect After Knocking Out His Opponent in 1 on 1 Fight


A lot of people started turning on Ronda Rousey after she refused Miesha’s handshake after their second fight, and a lot of people fell in love with Holly Holm after seeing her get on the ground to show respect to Ronda after beating her.

Professional fights aren’t the only places where you’ll find classy displays of respect after a fight.


We’ve seen too many street fight videos where the winners keep landing hard shots on their KO’d opponents, bouncing their heads off the pavement and causing long-term brain damage.

The guy in this video gets that it’s not worth ruining someones life just to get a few cheap shots in.


If these guys weren’t already friends, they probably will be after this.

The lady in this video is acting like an idiot. The winner walks over to help, and she’s like “Nah you don’t knock him out then try to help him…”, meanwhile she’s not strong enough to hold the guy’s weight so he almost falls over again.