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Kevin Owens went after Randy Orton with boring jokes

Randy Orton went after Kevin Owens with fat jokes. Kevin Owens went after Randy Orton with boring jokes. They love going back and forth on Twitter and it’s always entertaining. They’re at it again, and they aren’t disappointing. When Orton saw that Owens surprised some folks by dropping in at a wedding dessert party, he […]

50-year-old Goldberg is about to wrestle both Kevin Owens and Brock Lesnar

At 50-years-old Bill Goldberg seems to be more popular than ever, and the former WWE and WCW Champion will have the chance to add more gold around his waist next month when he faces Kevin Owens for the WWE Universal Championship. Goldberg’s title shot was announced on WWE Raw last night, while his Wrestlemania match […]

Kevin Owens reportedly drawing praise from WWE officials for Raw segment

Despite being a heel on paper, there’s no denying that Kevin Owens has provided fans with plenty of laughs since joining the WWE. While his NXT and early main roster run showed a more serious and deplorable side to the current WWE Universal Champion, he’s shown just how diverse he can be with his booking. […]