The Clash of Champions: Daniel Bryan become a joint referee alongside Shane McMahon

Bryan was drafted in as a special guest referee for the match between Owens and Nakamura on Tuesday night, after the original official was put out of the match by a stray Owens punch.

Owens and Zayn had earlier attempted to occupy SmackDown with a "yep" movement – a reference to the "yes" movement and occupation of Raw which helped make Bryan a star several years ago.

Bryan pledged to call the Clash of Champions match fairly, and indeed was completely neutral in the match which saw Owens defeat Nakamura after a pop-up powerbomb.

Charlotte overcomes a Riott

Charlotte Flair defeated Ruby Riott by disqualification in a non-title match which again saw Natalya leave her mark on the women's champion.

Flair was in control against Riott when Natalya – who had been on commentary – entered the ring and launched an attack which led to a three-on-one assault by the Riott Squad.

The group had Charlotte positioned for the same steel steps attack which injured Naomi a fortnight ago but Naomi herself ran from the back to save the champion before an all-out brawl which also involved Tamina, Carmella and Lana ensued.

Team Rusev pick up win on Rusev Day

Rusev and Aiden English picked up a momentum-gaining victory ahead of Clash of Champions, defeating the Usos in a non-title match.

The New Day were on commentary on that occasion, and their colourful distraction led to a huge kick from Rusev on Jimmy Uso outside the ring, with English picking up the pin between the ropes.