The mental warfare: Reynolds knew the damage was done though and boy was he proud of his zinger

It was thought that wrestlers were Conor McGregor's weakness. Then he knocked out Chad Mendes.

There was a theory that jiu-jitsu may have been his Achilles heel, but he has wins over black belts such as Jose Aldo, Nate Diaz and Diego Brandao.

The one area where it was thought that McGregor was untouchable was the mental warfare department.

The man of a thousand soundbites has destroyed many formidable opponents with his trash talk acumen.

To a certain group of people UFC bantamweight king TJ Dillashaw will be forever known as 'the snake in the grass' while Jeremy Stephens will never be able to shake the 'who da fook is dat guy?' tag.

However, McGregor may have met his match outside a Dublin courthouse today in the form of RTE reporter Paul Reynolds.

Reynolds was smiling ear-to-ear as he walked beside McGregor's entourage en route to a suped-up car for the UFC superstar's exit.

McGregor was clearly proud of his chariot and decided to engage in some good ol' fashioned braggadocio to the swarm of media around him.

"What a motor! Look at that motor!"

Without skipping a beat, Reynolds bit down on his mouthpiece, swung for the fences and caught the fighter with a perfectly-timed shot.

"It's only a 1.5, Conor."

McGregor didn't have much of a comeback. He conceded that it was only a 1.5, but also pointed out that 'it's a rocket ship.'

Reynolds knew the damage was done though and boy was he proud of his zinger.