The Shield got rematch versus Cesaro and Sheamus. Kurt Angle was not having his Raw main event…

 The Shield’s ‘quest for all the gold’ tour took their talents to the main event of tonight’s (Dec. 4) Monday Night Raw.

Last month the team of Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose dropped the tag-team titles to The Bar.

Tonight The Shield 2⁄3 got their rematch versus Cesaro and Sheamus. With Roman Reigns keeping his IC belt earlier in the night, all signs pointed to Rollins and Ambrose grabbing titles of their own before night’s end.





Ambrose and Rollins jumped out to the early lead but double team tactics from the champions isolated The Architect from his partner. With the numbers in their favor, The Bar wore down Rollins. 






Rollins would eventually make the desperation tag and Ambrose would rally before The Bar would again shut it down.

The pair of teams would leave it all in the ring, with both squads getting nail biting two counts.

The match would end abruptly when Sheamus refused to break up a double team and got himself disqualified.

But wait Kurt Angle was not having his Raw main event end via DQ and the championship bout was restarted as a no disqualification match. Then because he’s Samoa Joe he ran into the match and laid out Rollins as well as Ambrose.

Not to be outdone, Roman Reigns ran out to Superman punch Cesaro in his Swiss face and chase off Joe. During the melee Sheamus isolated Ambrose and hit him with a Brogue Kick for the 1-2-3 shocking win.

They don't lose often but The Shield just ate a somewhat clean loss on Raw. How do Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose strike back next Monday night?