The Singh Brothers ended their time on Tuesday’s WWE

Thanks to their merciless leader Jinder Mahal, The Singh Brothers ended their time on Tuesday's WWE SmackDown writhing on the mat at the feet of  The Maharaja.

But was this scene meant to be a sendoff? Have we seen the last of Samir and Sunil on SmackDown?

If that turned out to be the case, it would be a mistake.

The Singh Brothers first tried to take down Mahal's rival, AJ Styles, in one-on-one bouts in recent weeks. The WWE champ made short work of the lackeys each time. On Tuesday, they joined forces against Styles in a handicap match.

The loyal little underlings couldn't do what the master wanted, though, as Samir and Sunil fell to The Phenomenal One.

A furious Mahal soon emerged. He then laid out The Singh Brothers before towering over their fallen bodies.

There was an air of finality to the moment. It felt as if maybe this was SmackDown's way to say goodbye to the heels. After all, that's essentially how Carmella jettisoned James Ellsworth last month.

Although it may appear WWE wrote the brothers off TV, nothing is certain for now. Mike Johnson of wrote:

"There was talk several weeks back that they were going to be replaced as Mahal's seconds by other talents, but then it quieted down."

And it looks as if the Cruiserweight Classic competitors will at least be traveling to South America with WWE on Thursday:

If the company did decide to move on from The Singh Brothers, it would be taking away the best thing Mahal has going for him.

Their willingness to take nasty bumps and their grating allegiance have been key to The Maharaja's story.

They provide depth to his character and give bookers additional options when working out how a match will unfold.

Imagine any of the Mahal vs. Randy Orton matches without the moments they provided. Those bouts would lose their flavor in a hurry.

Nick Hausman of Wrestle Zone, for one, is not thrilled about the idea of The Singh Brothers moving away from Mahal:

The better approach would be to play up Samir and Sunil's subservience. WWE can showcase Mahal's vileness by having him push around his cronies. They can both be the Ricardo Rodriguez to Mahal's Alberto Del Rio.

Perhaps they have to earn back Mahal's trust by injuring Styles. Maybe they interfere in a match to save him from certain defeat.

It's too early to split them from their master. The Singh Brothers must remain attached to Mahal, to both better his act and give Samir and Sunil clear, continued purpose.

More shoes have to be kissed, more praises must be sung and the sight of those two sidekicks getting tossed around is something that needs to be on SmackDown again soon.