The trainer Dave Coldwell about future duel by Tony Bellew

Coming off the back of another David Haye injury, and subsequent postponement of their much anticipated repeat or revenge clash in under a month's time, a string of heavyweight contenders have thrown their names into the hat to do battle with Tony Bellew.

The most recognisable name in that field is the self proclaimed 'Gypsy King' Tyson Fury, who sent out a number of messages to the 'Bomber' Bellew, suggesting he could take over and dismantle the proud Liverpudlian in the early months of 2018.

However, for now, this will still all be talk as the 29-year-old Fury has only just started what will be a gruelling camp for the Mancunian as he looks to shed an unbelievable amount of weight in a short space of time, in addition to somehow getting his British boxing license back from a board who Fury has consistently publicly criticised.

Should Fury pass through all these hurdles, a future duel with Tony Bellew seems to be very unlikely, as per Bellew's trainer Dave Coldwell.

“That’s not a fight I would entertain whatsoever. Fury is big, long, and very, very clever in that ring. There’s no way that I’d be interested in that fight,” Coldwell firmly believes.