There are still a few weeks something for Roman Reigns: The Shield’s comeback

What's the story?

Roman Reigns needed to be pulled from the TLC pay-per-view event which eliminated The Shield's comeback. But The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports state that there could still be some big plans for Roman Reigns if he can recover from the mumps in time.

In case you didn't know…

Roman Reigns has been chosen as a future top face in WWE for quite a long time now. The Shield's reformation was supposed to cement him as a babyface so when he goes for Brock Lesnar's Universal Championship on the Road To WrestleMania he will be overwhelmingly cheered.

Of course, viral infections had other plans and Reigns was pulled from the TLC match. It all turned out okay in the end because fans got to enjoy the in-ring WWE return of Kurt Angle. But The Big Dog was left sitting at home while the early stages of Survivor Series were being built.

The heart of the matter

It's still not too late for Roman Reigns to make a comeback and return to action in time for a spot at Survivor Series. Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that everyone who tested positive for the recent viral infection is set to be reassessed on Monday, October 30th. This will include Roman Reigns and there are a lot of fingers crossed that he will be cleared for an in-ring return.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter also notes if Reigns is cleared for a return then he will likely be placed as the leader of Team Raw during the annual Survivor Series event. Since Roman Reigns' Shield brethren are busy facing The Usos at Survivor Series there is little chance of a Shield reunion happening at Survivor Series at this time.

But even though the big Shield reunion might have been ruined by a case of the mumps, there are still plans for Reigns if he received the right results from his doctor.

What's next?

Survivor Series is set to be lit. Even if Roman Reigns isn't cleared for a return to action by the time it would take him to be inserted into a story doesn't mean he still can't get involved. After all, it's there are still a few weeks to plan out something for Roman Reigns because there's always room for him on the card if he's fit to be used.

Author's take

It's not surprising that WWE still wants to place Roman Reigns on top of the Raw team at Survivor Series. In a story sense, he wasn't there when Raw was taken "under siege" therefore, he might be furious about this and blame himself for not being there to hold down the fort.

The WWE ring is still The Big Dog's yard, no matter what kind of sickness he has to overcome to get there.