“They’ve got to entice me”: Conor McGregor admits that he tasted the good life back

UFC superstar Conor McGregor admits that he tasted the good life back in August – and now he wants that good life to continue forward – if the Ultimate Fighting Championship wants him to fight again in the octagon.

Two months ago, McGregor made over $100 million in his cross-sport boxing match with five division world champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. (50-0, 27 KOs).

McGregor, who was making his pro debut as a boxer, was stopped in the tenth round at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

There was some concern from the UFC and MMA insiders, that once McGregor received a taste of a nine-figure payday against Mayweather, he would never go back to the UFC unless the money was tremendous. 

McGregor, with his own company — McGregor Sports and Entertainment — co-promoted the Showtime Pay-Per-View against Mayweather, who was the lead promoter with his Mayweather Promotions banner.

Because that pay-per-view with Mayweather generated over 4 million purchases, McGregor made out like a bandit and his pockets exploded like no other MMA fighter history.

Still holder of the UFC lightweight title, McGregor is interested in defending his title again – but not unless he becomes the co-promoter of his own fights.

The UFC has never co-promoted any of their events with another organization or fighter. But McGregor, as by far being the biggest draw in MMA, holds a very strong position and he's made enough money that he can retire tomorrow and live out the rest of his life in pure comfort.  

“They’ve got to entice me now because I came from a billion dollar fight so they’ve got to entice me with something. I want equity. I want ownership. I want to be true partners in this, similar to the way I was in the Floyd [Mayweather] fight. I was a promoter and I was a fighter. That must continue for me to continue. Otherwise, I’ve got many entities and many other interests that I can carry on. Also I’m already set [financially] but we’re in negotiations,” McGregor stated


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