This Russian Wrestler Has The Most Bizarre Takedown Defense (Video)

The big knock on McGregor is how he would fare against a wrestler. He needs to get this Russian guy in his camp because it’s literally impossible to take this guy down…

You’ve never seen takedown defense like this before. His opponent grabs the leg, but when he tries to trip the guy… Well… just watch and see for yourself.

This guy really, really, really doesn’t want to get taken down. You’ve never seen somebody who doesn’t want to get taken down as badly as this guy doesn’t want to get taken down.

In Russia, wrestling is serious business. They literally train with bears, but this guy definitely didn’t learn this flippy acrobatic move from any bear we’ve ever seen, unless the Russians are breeding genetically superior flying bears. Then it’s really time to watch out because Russian bears are a lot more dangerous than West Hollywood bears.