This Thug Threatens a Homeless Man, Receives Instant Street Justice From a Boxer

The guy in the blue shirt in being a jerk to this homeless man. He’s getting in his face and threatening him. The peacefully vagabond gets up, and continues on with his life, in search of another place to perch and pass the time.


Bullies like to abuse people that they think are weaker. The guy in the yellow shirt comes up and lays out the bully with a clean punch. Then the bully comes back for more and gets exactly what he asked for, and THEN a third time. Brain damage would be a concern, except this bully hasn’t displayed much mental capacity to begin with.

Sticking up for people who can’t defend themselves is something that this worlds needs more of, so shoutout to the guy in yellow.


The guy in blue needed a time out, but he got a nap instead…

Nap time.

Cat nap

Sourse: fightstate