TJ Dillashaw About How Conor McGregor Has Revolutionized The UFC

In some sort of bizarre rant, TJ Dillashaw attempted to complain about Conor McGregor’s ‘fakeness’ in the UFC. Instead, he effectively confirmed that the Irish fighter is a lesson to everyone else in the game. 

Yesterday, top MMA journalist Jerry Botter claimed that Conor McGregor is growing so quickly inside the UFC, that he may soon part company with the promotion.

Since joining the UFC, McGregor’s electric persona has seen interest in the world of MMA sky rocketing to such an extent that the ‘Notorious’ has effectively revolutionized the sport in terms of self-promotion.

Some fighters have great admiration for what the Irish fighter has done for the sport and the new audience he has brought to it. However, it seems TJ Dillashaw does not fit into this category.

Dillashaw and McGregor already have a famously fraught relationship that was brought to light in this year’s excellent Ultimate Fighter series with McGregor repeatedly referring to the Bantamweight champion as the ‘snake in the grass’ in Team Alpha Male.

This weekend, Dillashaw takes on Dominick Cruz for the title in Boston and, after a string of borderline embarrassing media interviews, Dillashaw decided it was finally time to complain about how McGregor’s brilliance has essentially meant he has to do a whole bunch of work that he doesn’t like.

“He’s always a different person on camera than he is off it. He’s smart, he’s making good money. I don’t really like it. I don’t like the fakeness of it, I don’t like the WWE aspect of the drama. I just want to be a martial artist, that’s why I got into the sport, because I liked it.

I don’t like that we have to do all this stuff. I feel like Conor’s made a new job for us. We have to promote our own fights a lot more now than we used to because of what he’s doing, how much draw he’s getting to the UFC. It’s a lot more work for us now.”

To be fair to poor old TJ, media work isn’t for everyone and, based on the clip below, it most certainly isn’t for the Bantamweight champion.





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