Tony Bellew reveals what would happen if he ever fought UFC star Jon Jones

The Mayweather – McGregor super-fight set to happen on August 26th at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas has garnered as many plaudits as it has critics.

For the participants, the bout is predicted to net them around $100 million dollars each. That does not mean that Evertonian Tony Bellew will ever do the same though!

The 34-year-old has revealed in a recent interview that although he was a fan of MMA, there was no way he would do a 'reverse McGregor' and cross over into the other sport.

“I’m a huge fan (of mixed martial arts) and I’ve been watching it since the days of Mark Kerr and Mark Coleman” Bellew told Fighters Only.

“I’ve seen them all; I watch all the big events.

“I know enough to know someone like (UFC light-heavyweight champion) Jon Jones would pull my f**king arse off.

“I would not get in a cage with Jon Jones for any amount of money. Unless we were in a cage with just boxing gloves and boxing rules, I would not go near him.

“That man is a monster. Have you seen his kicks? They are horrible. He’d break my neck.