Top Five Super Heroes of Wrestling

The term WWE brings up many different images of a plethora of super heroes from throughout the history of wrestling industry. From the scenario of old WWF to the current WWE, only a few superstars could reach to legendary and iconic status and will never be forgotten.

These are those special ones who revolutionized the industry and laid the foundation for future generations of the wrestling business, raised the bar by offering unique and unsurpassed skills. Some may have had a brief stay in the spotlight whilst others have mesmerized the audiences for a decade or more but here you will find top five super heroes of wrestling who showed off their extreme mastering and have left permanent marks in the hearts of fans.

Hulk Hogan – The superstar is the one who is the role model for new wrestlers and is overlooked by modern wrestling fans but his influence on the professional wrestling industry is immeasurable. Hulk Hogan was the one to really deliver unique, engaging and spellbinding matches to captivate the audience. Spewing catchphrases, dropping legs and pointing fingers, ripping t-shirt, he was a larger than life megastar. He was the one who made wrestling a phenomenon of pop culture that’s why he is enlisted as one of great icons of wrestling world.

Ultimate Warrior – Love him or hate him, there is no denying Ultimate Warrior’s position in WWE history; the winner of multiple championships, a man who embarked on the journey to stardom, someone who fought back for various setbacks to make it to the very top. As Warrior smashed his way into WWF, he was a hugely popular star who grasped the attention of audience with his energetic persona, move set and incredible actions. The legend of wrestling world, he is known for his intensity, energy and electricity he brought with him.

Stone Cold Steve Austin – It’s a fact that Stone Cold Steve Austin was the superstar of the hottest period the wrestling industry has ever experienced. He was the key figure of the Attitude Era. Above all, he was the first anti-authority star making his way to be the Stone Cold. The face of the most popular time in wrestling history, Steve Austin proved himself perfectly in everything he did. Whether it was his promo delivery, in-ring skills or his explosiveness, he was absolutely perfect. We’ll never see another Steve Austin again.

The Undertaker – Who is not familiar with The Undertaker? Where other wrestlers have come and go, Undertaker has paved his way and will never be forgotten. Considered as the conscious of the WWE, there is simply not another superstar like the Undertaker in the entire history. With the insane longevity, he has been on top since his first day in WWE with World Championships, memorable storylines and iconic undefeated streak ever seen in dreaded sports entertainment.

Bret Hart – When steroid pumping and vitamin taking WWF days of Hulkamania came to an end, it was Bret Hart who led the new generation. He always came up with the excellence of execution. The Hit man is the one who gave impressive cartoon nature of the dreadful wrestling business. The benchmark for all in-ring skilled wrestlers, Bret Hart proved that the best there was, and the best there ever will be.

Legends never die. They always stay alive in the thoughts and hearts of their fans. These five icons and legends of wrestling industry truly deserve undying love and admiration from the world for their incredible performances and energetic personas. They will always be loved and remembered just like good memories.