Travis Browne Explains Why He’s Not Leaving Coach Edmond

It looks as though Glendale Fighting Club is still up and running. Contrary to recent reports, UFC heavyweight Travis Browne is still a member too. 

After the UFC 207 frenzy died down, many questions still remained about coach Edmond Tarverdyan. Firstly, the polarizing coach was again the subject of massive debate regarding his credentials. Showing no improvement in her stand up, Ronda Rousey crumbled quickly against Amanda Nunes. Just 48 seconds in to the first round and ‘Rowdy’ had taken all she could handle.

Then came the deadline for a settlement agreement to the tune of $160K. Coach Edmond’s bankruptcy/fraud case had to be sorted by last month or the gym could be sold by the pursuing party. With Dana White recently saying Rousey is pretty much done fighting, reports about ‘Hapa’ joining a different gym circulated. Apparently those reports were inaccurate, and Browne recently came to the defense of his coach. Speaking during a podcast appearance, ‘Hapa’ confirmed coach Edmond will be in his corner against Derrick Lewis in Halifax:

“Don’t Judge Edmond”

Heading in to his February 19 showdown with ‘Black Beast,’ Browne desperately needs a win. Riding a two-fight losing skid, Browne’s fortunes have been on the downswing since joining Glendale. This is not a reflection of Tarverdyan, says Browne, who believes people are singling his coach out:

“I think it’s easy to judge from the outside. Anybody that I’ve ever had in camp, to work with me as a training partner, they are always like, ‘Edmond knows what he’s talking about.’ He has a great fight IQ and he has great coaching. It’s about the athletes going out there and performing. Every coach has lost. Every champion, with the exclusion of Jon Jones, has lost. Why didn’t the community come down on those coaches? Where was everybody then? Why are you singling him out? It isn’t fair.”