Triple H Hits A New Milestone On Twitter With Over 7 Million Followers

Triple H hit a new milestone on Twitter over the weekend as he now has over 7 million followers on the social media site. By reaching the 7 million mark, Triple H is now the third most followed “wrestling personality”.

 A list of the top 10 most followed “wrestling personalities” can be seen below:

1. The Rock (12.6 million)
2. John Cena (10.9 million)
3. Triple H (7.1 million)
4. Randy Orton (5.8 million)
5. Sheamus 4.8 (million)
6. Steve Austin (4.4 million)
7. Daniel Bryan (4.3 million)
8. Shawn Michaels (3.9 million)
9. Nikki Bella (3.4 million)
10. Chris Jericho (3.4 million)



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