Tyron Woodley expects to embarrass Michael Bisping in potential UFC super fight

Tyron Woodley believes Michael Bisping is an easy fight for him as the two UFC champions lobby for a super fight.

The middleweight and welterweight champions verbally agreed to a clash at a catchweight later this year, but Woodley has now said he wants the belts to be on the line.

Not only that, but Woodley does not expect to lose any of his speed or power moving up to 185 pounds, insisting it would be an easy task to strip Bisping of his title.
‘It could be. It was a lot of fights on the table that was offered but that fight might happen cause I think it makes a lot of sense,’ Woodley told FOX Sports.

‘I think fans are always looking for something that’s out of the ordinary.
‘Something that’s really exciting.

‘When you think about it, usually when someone goes up in weight class they give up size, they give up power, they give up speed — I give up nothing.

‘I’m very similar to him in weight. I’m stronger than him.
‘I punch harder than him.
‘I’m faster than him. I’m a better wrestler than him.

‘I’m a better grappler than him.
‘I’m a better boxer than him.
‘So I’m really giving up no advantage and I can go and take his belt so I’m down.’
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Bisping and Woodley originally agreed to fight at catchweight which would take their belts off the table, but it now seems as though the welterweight champion wants the chance at the Brit’s belt.

The pair suggested a 180 pound clash, but no fight would be able to take place before at least May.

Bisping is set to defend his belt against Yoel Romero while Woodley is expected to compete in a rematch with Stephen Thompson.