Tyson Fury steps out in ‘£9,000 fur coat made of dead rodents’

Let’s face it: Tyson Fury is not exactly known for his good judgement.

And the contrarian streak which has won him millions of fans and millions more detractors once again showed its head as he posed for a photographer wearing what the Daily Mail describes as “a bespoke £9,000 chinchilla fur coat” while nipping out for lunch in Manchester.


The Mail’s rather breathless report explains more: “The Cheshire-born sports star wrapped up in the head-turning garment as exited the San Carlo Cicchetti Italian restaurant. He also warded off the freezing temperatures with a knitted beanie hat by luxury French designer, Louis Vuitton… The grey knee-length outerwear is believed to be from New York label, Marc Kaufman and is said to cost £9,000.”

The Mail’s headline, in case you hadn’t yet guessed? “It’s Tyson FURRY!” (Just as well they didn’t miss that open goal, or somebody at the Mail would have been fired tonight.)

Obviously, wearing a real fur coat in 2016 Britain is tantamount to asking for outrage – and Twitter didn’t disappoint. Most of the Tweets we’ve come across were so drenched in outraged four-letter-words that we can’t even embed them here, but here’s one cleaner (and no less furious) example :

If you’re not sure what the chinchilla – a South American rodent roughly the size of a small squirrel – looks like in its pre-coat state, here it is: