UFC champion Conor McGregor questions why rivals don’t fight as frequently

Conor McGregor has hit back at UFC rivals who claim he benefits from favouritism, insisting his work-rate is unmatched.

The featherweight champion has never defended his gold but will next challenge lightweight belt-holder Eddie Alvarez on November 12 in an attempt to become the first UFC fighter to hold simultaneous titles.

But McGregor has vehemently dealt a reminder that his upcoming fight will be his sixth in less than two years, including two against Nate Diaz, a ratio he believes his peers can't keep pace with.

"Who is going out there, time and time again, back to back to back to back, putting it all on the line and continuing to show up?" McGregor said on his personal website.
"They all say I'm all talk. I look at them and say they're all talk, because I'm the one in here fighting every week.
"I only had a five round war with a guy three times the size of me, and now I'm back again and all I hear is complaining, moaning.

"You want this money? You want this? You want what I got? You've got to put in the work. And as far as I'm seeing, nobody's putting in the work.

"Everybody's talking, everybody's thinking 'just because Conor has it, I should have it'. No, no. I didn't always have it, there's a reason why I have it.

"I had to work to get it, and here I am still working. While they're talking."

Since a serious knee injury in 2014, McGregor has embarked on a hectic run of fights including beating Chad Mendes for the interim featherweight title and then Jose Aldo for the full prize, before most recently avenging his defeat to Diaz.