UFC star Gunnar Nelson makes another music video, dances to Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber may be Sorry, but UFC star Gunnar Nelson is unapologetically dancing to his beat.

He may be calm and stoic inside the Octagon, but UFC welterweight Gunnar Nelson is beginning to be known to suddenly bust a move to some of the most popular pop songs today. He may be emotionless in the cage, but Nelson seems to have a good sense of humor outside of it, as he and his team dressed up and and created yet another music video they danced to.

Watch the clip above where Nelson sports make up and a crazy outfit, as he unapologetically dances to Justin Bieber’s hit single, Sorry.

Nelson, who is known for being teammates with Conor McGregor, made this clip for a celebration of his other gym in Iceland, Mjolnir MMA:

This video was made to entertain the people of MJOLNIR MMA gym in Iceland in their renowned annual celebration, the club’s biggest party of year. NOTE this was the only video prudent enough for YouTube 😉 ENJOY!

By Anton Tabuena