Uh Oh Floyd, Conor Punching Flying Cards Out Of The Air With ‘Touch-Butt’ Coach Ido Portal (VIDEO)

Look out Floyd Mayweather! Conor McGregor has once again enlisted the help of movement specialist Ido Portal, aka “Mr. Touch-butt”, to help him prepare for his Aug. 26 pro boxing debut against the unbeaten undisputed King of the Squared Circle. 

Conor has received criticism for training in some unconventional ways with Portal, but the results speak for themselves. The supplementary training has at the very least not hurt Conor, and has apparently 

helped him achieve belts in two different UFC weight divisions. But can Portal work his magic with Conor in his pro boxing debut against one of the best to ever do it? Wow, it’s a long shot. 

But has the Irishman not accomplished all he’s set out to do thus far? Are we going to keep doubting the Celtic Warrior only to be proved wrong time and again? Has he not tapped into the mystical realm of honest to god leprechaun abilities that allow him to manifest whatever he wants?

 Okay, maybe I got carried away there, but if he can punch these cards out of thin air when thrown by the David Copperfield of the fitness world, what’s he gonna do to Floyd’s face? Probably nothing, let’s be honest. But I still like Ido Portal dammit and am mad I never thought of that card drill.