Update On Enzo Amore’s Backstage Heat

As we earlier reported, Enzo Amore is feeling the heat backstage recently.

As noted, Amore was kicked off a WWE tour bus when he was overheard on the phone speaking negatively about the pro wrestling business while openly bragging about how much money he is making.

According to Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso, one reason for Amore gaining heat backstage is for bringing “a series of questionable guests” backstage to WWE events. The guests broke “backstage etiquette” on a number of occasions by taking photos and videos of talents backstage, which is greatly frowned upon. Also that Enzo should “know better” than to allow this to happen.

  • It’s also believed that Enzo is considering a venture into the music business, which could “create another conflict with WWE and could even land him on the list of future-endeavored talent.”

Barrasso also mentioned that WWE management was eager to split Big Cass and Enzo and that the recent “no one likes you, Enzo” breakup promo cut on Raw was based off reality.




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