Update on The Undertaker Returning to WWE For Another Match

On Thursday’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer was asked about a potential in-ring return for The Undertaker. You can check out his response below.

“I don’t know [if The Undertaker is returning]. It’s possible. The only reason to bring him back would be against Roman and I don’t see that [happening] at WrestleMania [34] at all.

Maybe the next year at WrestleMania, but probably not. There’s a reason he retired. He needed a lot of surgeries, his body was really beaten up, it was time to go.

He decided it was time to go before that but he came back.

Put it this way, it’s wrestling, and people can come out of retirement at any time, but do the mentions make me think he’s coming out of retirement imminently? No.”




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