Update on Undertaker’s future, retirement match plans

This past Wrestlemania, Undertaker faced off against Shane McMahon in a match with a stipulation that if Shane won, he would take control of Raw, and if Undertaker lost, he would have wrestled his last Wrestlemania match.

Undertaker won, but the next night on Raw, Vince McMahon put him in control for that night which progressed with him ending up getting control of the next 3-4 episodes of Raw, which was nice to see, but it meant that the match was of no use. According to Joe Burgett from Inquisitr, it was obvious from the start that the match was simply the backup Plan “B” due to John Cena’s injury. Cena and Undertaker were penned in to square off at Wrestlemania 32, in what was said to be The Deadman’s farewell.However, that didn’t take place. After Wrestlemania, there were reports that Undertaker told Vince that he was done and was calling it quits on his career. Apparently, Vince had even called Undertaker to appear for Summerslam, but Undertaker was furious at WWE for this. WWE added him under the “free agents” pool along with the likes of Nikki Bella, Luke Harper, and The Rock. The injured stars and The Rock were not drafted for obvious reasons.

Another match of The Undertaker is a big thing for the WWE officials, and Vince McMahon feels that he will be able to talk Undertaker into doing something down the line when the time is right. Incidentally, the obvious choice of “time” would be Wrestlemania, as it is where The Deadman established arguably the most substantial part of his legacy.The Undertaker has the most impressive list of Wrestlemania matches one can think of, with names such as Jimmy Snuka, Jake Roberts, Diesel, Kane, Triple H, Ric Flair, Batista, Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels, Big Show, CM Punk, Brock Lesnar,etc. However, there is one name that needs to be added to the list to make it complete: John Cena.Now, reports state that there has been some contact between WWE and The Undertaker and that he has one match and one match only left in him: against John Cena.This would take place at Wrestlemania 33 next year and seemingly indicates to be the end of Undertaker’s 26-year mythical career. It could perhaps be the main event of Wrestlemania 33.

Would you like to see John Cena vs The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 33?