Video: Criss Angel tears apart Paige VanZant for magical reasons we don’t understand

When we last saw Paige VanZant she was knocking Bec Rawlings silly with a karate kick to the jaw. Having already conquered the cage, dancing, branding, VanZant has moved on to the world of wonders and mysteries. Brace yourself for Magician’s assistant Paige VanZant.

Appearing on the latest Criss Angel magic special on A & E called #TrickdUP (editor’s note: yes, they really did leave out the letter “e” in tricked AND capitalize the “u” and “p” in the word up.

They really did.) VanZant gets to partake in the always popular “cut your lovely assistant in half for the amusement of your audience” trick. For anyone who has ever had that dream where your favorite MMA fighter is torn in half during a made for TV magic special, watch this video below and enjoy.