Was 2017 wrestling’s best ever year? There are multiple metrics that suggest so.

WWE's traditional 'Big Four' model was reinforced with weekends of wrestling playing to cumulative audiences of over 100,000 people a time, thanks to arena residencies housing a mix of critical and commercial success stories with NXT TakeOvers, Raws, SmackDowns and the pillar events themselves. In the case of the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania, the company drew around 150,000 combined for the Sunday supershows.

When he wasn't reviewing those, Wrestling Observer doyen Dave Meltzer presumably spent the remainder of his time cruising through space looking for new galaxies to furnish himself with enough stars to adequately assess New Japan Pro Wrestling. Wrestle Kingdom, The G1 Climax and The Best Of The Super Juniors were widely considered amongst the best ever editions of each, whilst Dominion 6.11 in Osaka-jo Hall played host to possibly/maybe/if that's your cup of tea (delete as appropriate or don't, the match was f*cking fantastic and that categorically isn't up for debate) the best match ever.

WWE posted some of their best ever financials in Q3, and rewarded fans with some chaotic booking between October and November that saw returns to the ring for Kurt Angle and Triple H in a variety of dream match scenarios with today's best and brightest. In fairness to Vince McMahon, those winter months weren't outliers.

The year progressed frantically (for better and worse), with more going on than could often be digested at the time. Between the bombast and bluster, what could have been?