Watch: Braun Strowman destroys Brock Lesnar on RAW

The rivalry between Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman was elevated on Monday night when the two came to blows for the first time in weeks.

The two heavyweights will clash for the Universal Championship at No Mercy in less than two weeks, but that came early on RAW.

He challenged Strowman to come to the ring and battle the beast and he certainly got his wish.

Strowman came to the ring and the two engaged in a short lived battle which gave the fans a big preview of what is come at No Mercy.

The interesting part of the battle however was that Strowman was left standing on Lesnar's chest while lifting the universal title high.

The best moment from the segment however was when Lesnar managed to get Strowman in position and deliver a German suplex.

One of Lesnar's signature moves however would do very little to damage Strowman who literally just got back up to his feet.

Lesnar would still have his back turned while Strowman got up but saw the standing giant when he turned round and displayed a face of pure shock.

A very interesting segment on RAW and one which only made the No Mercy main event just look that much more interesting.


While Lesnar and Strowman's battle for the Universal Championship is listed as the main event at No Mercy, it may not be the show closing match.

The highly anticipated clash between Roman Reigns and John Cena may take the final spot on the match card as it has been billed as a WrestleMania worthy main event.

Despite not being for a title, the clash between Reigns and Cena could be worth a lot more in the long run for the winner.

The two have put together a good feud as a constant supply of truthful and honest promos have led to some real animosity building between the two.