Watch: MMA bout ends after fighters simultaneously KO each other

It's not every day you see something quite extraordinary and unbelievable happen in the MMA world.

A minor-league MMA fight in Kansas City on Saturday night ended in the weirdest manner possible, and it probably won't be repeated anytime soon due to the high odds of it actually happening in a bout.

That's because the fight ended when both fighters appeared to have knocked each other out at the same time.
Shamrock FC hosted a fight between Axel Cavares and Alan Vasquez, where during the closing seconds of the first round, both men threw and landed hard right-hand punches on their opponent at the same time, causing both of them to be knocked out at the same time.


Awsome double ko tonight at #shamrockfc

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Cavares slowly slumped against the fence, while Vasquez went straight to the canvas. Just as it looked like the referee would end the fight in incredible double knockout fashion, Vasquez was able to recover quicker than Cavares, and because of the rules, he was awarded the victory in the contest as he was able to stand up first, despite the fact he had a broken nose. 

It's safe to say we won't be seeing this Rocky-esque type finish like this again anytime soon, as the odds of it occurring are very high due to the variables involved. Watch the incredible double knockout take place in the video below.

Surprisingly, however, this has happened before. Almost nine years ago, Tyler Bryan and Shane Parker knocked each other out after just eight seconds into both of their pro-MMA debuts in memorable fashion that even shocked the referee.

It's very possible we might not see a double knockout like this for quite some time, but when they do occur, they're absolutely extraordinary.