WATCH: MMA fighter dances into brutal head-kick KO

A fighter's personality is always encouraged during fights, but it comes at a risk.

BCMMA 18 saw one of the best knockouts of 2017, when Joe Harding was knocked out with a head kick by Johan Segas on Saturday night.

British Challenge Mixed Martial Arts is a promotion in England, that hosts amateur and professional fights, and Saturday's event in Colchester saw Harding and Segas fight for the BCMMA Interim Amateur 145lbs Title.

Harding began dancing in the middle of the ring, while Segas teed up a perfect kick to the head, knocking his opponent out/ 

The BCMMA twitter account did not seem overly sympathetic to Harding's loss, claiming he "danced his way to a head kick".

He will make sure never to dance in a ring, mid-fight ever again.